Transitioning to a raw diet

Transitioning to a Raw Diet Slow transition takes usually 7-10 days (1st day – 10% new, 90% old; 2nd day – 20% new, 80% old diet, and so forth). This gradual approach minimizes the risk of an upset tummy. To aid your dog in the transition or in case your dog gets an upset tummy, … Read more

Tipps for fussy pups

Do you think your dog won’t like raw food? Or is he/she maybe not sure when you served raw food up for the first time? There are a couple of things you could try: Start with a taste of a single protein, sometimes serving it up on a plate rather than a bowl works a … Read more

Bacteria in raw food

But what about the bacteria in raw food? This is a question we get asked a lot. There is a scientifically proven answer. A dogs digestive physiology is different to us humans. Dogs and cats have much shorter guts, which are smooth and fast acting, which means they digest protein very quickly. The food gets … Read more

Why Raw?

Why Raw? Dogs and cats are nowadays more than just our pets, they are family! Of course, we only want to feed them what is good for them and helps them thrive. How can we help them thrive in regards of food? It’s a simple question that we can ask ourselves, would we thrive on … Read more