How it all began…

The Bow Wow Store was created by Suzie, who wanted to help her sick Golden Retriever pup named Daisy. Conventional treatments couldn’t manage her autoimmune condition, chronic skin, gut issues, and anxiety. Desperate to help her, Suzie turned to holistic veterinary care. With dietary changes, supplements, natural products, and holistic therapies, Daisy improved. Her itching reduced, digestion normalised, coat improved, and she became calmer. Daisy and Suzie are sharing their home with Dahlia, who they fostered. In 2023, The Bow Wow Store underwent a change in ownership and was then led by Scott, Saskia, Jamie and Nala pup for a year before life went in a different direction. In May 2024, Bronwyn and her pack of pups stepped in to continue running the store bringing a fresh perspective to the idea of fresh food feeding.  We believe that pets thrive when nourished with nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate diets and when cared for using holistic approaches that promote their overall well-being. Our dedication extends beyond simply running a business. We aim to be a trusted resource for pet owners, providing education and guidance on proper nutrition, health tips, personalized recommendations, and holistic pet care practices. We want to foster a sense of community and support for pet lovers in our area.

Our passion and knowledge come from experience and research. We love helping dogs achieve optimum health and well-being. 

Love, Bronwyn, Jeff, Felicia, Jorja and Keltie

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