“When my Westie was having a terrible yeast overgrowth on his skin and the conventional steroid treatments were only effective short term (and in fact made things worse in the long term), I went online researching how to heal him through a natural wholefood diet and natural skin treatments which led me to The Bow Wow Store. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about all the carefully curated high quality products, many of which are not available at other pet stores. The owner is one of the most devoted dog owners I have met and I can tell that she only stocks products that she would use on her own beloved dogs Dahlia & Daisy. We have achieved great sustained results with my westie’s skin and I am so happy with the products that I have bought from the store that I am willing to drive an hour to get there, especially now that I have a second westie puppy. If you want to keep your dog healthy in a holistic way and support a passionate small business, go to The Bow Wow Store! :)”