Besties Allrounder DOG


After a while on the bestie Allrounder, people report their dogs have more energy and typically lose weight and become leaner. Plus, their coats are shinier, their guts are happier, and their poos are smaller and less stinky. Now that’s a good thing! The extra nutrients in the Allrounder also help with what researchers call inflammaging. Inflammaging is a chronic stimulation of the immune system and reduced ability to respond to infections or stresses. While ageing is unavoidable, nutritional intervention can delay and reduce the inflammaging effect.

Ingredients: Apple powder, bone broth powder, carrot powder, sweet potato powder, MCHA bone meal powder, cod liver oil, organic wheat grass powder, organic pumpkin powder, organic shiitake mushroom powder, kale powder, green lipped mussel, nutritional yeast, probiotic(bacillus coagulans), kelp powder, organic nettle powder, organic chicory root powder, kakadu plum powder, manuka honey powder, iodised salt.

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