Himalaya Pets Immunol 100ml


When the immune system is compromised, Himalaya Pets Immunol is your companion’s best friend. A weak immune system may show up in recurrent skin infections, illness, or parasites.  Safe to use alongside conventional products, especially in long-term use.  Immunol is a blend of herbs that is clinically proven to improve the immunity of cats and dogs which is body’s vital shield against infections.  The preparation comes in two forms, liquid drops 100mL and 60 tablets. There are no side effects recorded in long term use, which is often necessary in cases where immunity is compromised or conditions are recurring.

Ingredients: Tinospora cordifolia, Winter Cherry, Indian Ginseng, Withania Somnifera, Boehoavia diffusa, Hogweed, Terminalia chebula, Asparagus racemosus.

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